Debra Dietch

Debra Dietch

I was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and ended up living in Portland because I married a Yankee. You can never quite get the prairie out of a prairie girl (or boy) but even though I am a transplant, my roots go deep and I'm proud to call the Pacific Northwest home. The natural beauty and opportunity for outdoor recreation more than compensates for the feeling that I am starting to rust during the winter months and my family and I particularly enjoy sailing, snow sports and camping. We spend a lot of time outdoors? because no child should be left inside. But when we are indoors, we like to be crafty or cook nice meals and feed people.

My education related experience includes working in a program for abused children (Raphael House of Portland children's program), teaching in a small private elementary school (St. Michael Archangel Family School), volunteering for a neurodevelopmental training center, tutoring (privately and with programs for disadvantaged youth), forming and leading a homeschooling cooperative, and assisting in Montessori preschools. My most important job title, though, is Mom.

Still a radical at heart, my favourite soapbox has always been alternative pedagogies and educational reform which eventually led me to Cascade Heights. I have been involved with the school since the day we opened our doors, both as staff and parent. My eldest child was one of the first Falcons to leave the nest and my youngest is a member of the first Kindergarten class which will graduate next year. It has been a wonderful journey. My personal vision for education of the whole child resonates strongly with our mission here at Cascade Heights. Recent research on the neuroplasticity of the brain vindicates my belief that every child can learn. It is a privilege to work at Cascade Heights with the dedicated staff and caring families who also see the inherent value and potential in each child.

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