Staff Appreciation

Want to help out a specific teacher, or find a meaningful way to say "Thank You?" Here are some "hints" for what you can do for us.

Staff Appreciation: Angel Gausman, 6th grade

  • Birthday: March 19
  • Candy Bar: n/a
  • Snack Food: avocado, almonds, fruits
  • Restaurant: Gustav’s
  • Beverage: coffee
  • Type of Music: n/a
  • Author: n/a
  • Store: Amazon
  • Hobby: camping, hiking, knitting, reading
  • Theater: Oak grove 8, Clackamas T.C.
  • Other gift suggestions: n/a

Staff Appreciation: Deanna Marlatt, Admin. Asst.

  • Birth date: Nov. 20
  • Candy Bar: Heath Bar, Snickers
  • Snack Food: Chex mix, Carmel Corn, white cheddar popcorn
  • Restaurant: Cheese Cake Factory, La Costita, Back Stop, Wild Hare, Burgerville
  • Beverage: BlackRock- Passion Fruit Rock Star, Starbucks- White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha/ 185 degrees/ not stirred/ w/out curls (sorry for the complicated order)
  • Type of Music: All- country, pop, modern day classical
  • Author: I don’t have a favorite author. But I do like inspirational biographies
  • Store: Michael’s, JoAnne Fabric, Lowes, Home Depot
  • Hobby: Creating rustic/primitive home décor, photography, camping, dogs & children
  • Theater: Hill Top 9, Oregon City (Regal)
  • Other gift suggestions: OR Ducks, favorite color is green

Staff Appreciation: Denise Cantin, 4th grade

  • Birthday: Aug 8
  • Candy Bar: Power Crunch bars
  • Snack Food: apples, oranges, other fruit
  • Restaurant: Panera Bread
  • Beverage: Vailla Chia Latte, water
  • Type of Music: any
  • Author: any
  • Store: Target, Nodstrom Rack
  • Hobby: Travel
  • Theater: any
  • Other gift suggestions: n/a

Staff Appreciation: Francesca Him, Kindergarten

  • Birthday: Feb. 27
  • Candy Bar: Skittles, Reese’s pb cups
  • Snack Food: potato chips & tortilla chips
  • Restaurant: Red Robin, Sushi Kata, O’Sushi, Rice Thai Cookery, Famous Dave’s
  • Beverage: Water, Braganza strawberry bubble tea w/boba
  • Type of Music: piano tribute players
  • Author: Dr. Seuss, Mo Willems
  • Store: Target, Amazon, Dollar Tree
  • Hobby: Baking & paper crafts
  • Theater: Oak Grove 8
  • Other gift suggestions: see class wish list by door (family board)

Staff Appreciation: Jake Redmill, 7th grade

  • Birthday: Sept 16
  • Candy Bar: Almond Joy
  • Snack Food: Kind Bars (pretzel & caramel)
  • Restaurant: subway
  • Beverage: diet coke, lime la coix
  • Type of Music: pop, R & B, modern folk
  • Author: William Faulkner
  • Store: Target, Dollar Tree
  • Hobby: Bowling, hiking
  • Theater: Any on the East side of Portland metro
  • Other gift suggestions: whatever come from your heart and mind will be the right thing

Staff Appreciation: John Weaver, P.E.

  • Birthday: Feb. 1
  • Candy Bar: Snickers
  • Snack Food: Smartfood white cheddar popcorn
  • Restaurant: Outback Steakhouse
  • Beverage: hot chocolate
  • Type of Music: oldies
  • Author: n/a
  • Store: REI, Dick’s
  • Hobby: Hiking, snowboarding, movies, sports
  • Theater: n/a
  • Other gift suggestions: Trail Blazer, Buffalo Bills or Duck things

Staff Appreciation: Joy Dombrow, 2nd grade

  • Birthday: July 13
  • Candy Bar: 85% dark chocolate
  • Snack Food: Berries
  • Restaurant: Chipotle
  • Beverage: Bai sparking beverage, diet coke, sugar free latte
  • Type of Music: Christian contemporary
  • Author: Jodi Picoult
  • Store: Target
  • Hobby: Reading
  • Theater: Regal Cinema
  • Other gift suggestions: n/a

Staff Appreciation: Kaitlyn Devlin, 3rd grade

  • Birthday: Oct 4
  • Candy Bar: Theo Dark Chocolate
  • Snack Food: Fruit, popcorn
  • Restaurant: Cafe Yumm, Laughing Planet
  • Beverage: Kombucha, Tea (unsweetened iced or hot)
  • Type of Music: n/a
  • Author: n/a
  • Store: Target, Fred Meyer
  • Hobby: running, hiking
  • Theater: Regal
  • Other gift suggestions: n/a

Staff Appreciation: Kelsey Stacy, 1st grade

  • Birthday: May 19
  • Candy Bar: Dark Chocolate
  • Snack Food: Trail mix
  • Restaurant: anything with vegan/gluten free options
  • Beverage: Coffee & Kombucha
  • Type of Music: alternative
  • Author: U.K. Rowling
  • Store: Target
  • Hobby: Exploring Oregon
  • Theater: any
  • Other gift suggestions: Plants, anything pink or floral

Staff Appreciation: Kristin Macy, Director

  • Birth date: Aug. 30
  • Candy Bar: Black Jelly Belly or Twizzlers
  • Snack Food: Fruits or Veggies
  • Restaurant: Any
  • Beverage: Coffee, Iced tea, Diet Coke
  • Type of Music: All- pop, alternative, rock
  • Author: Steinbeck
  • Store: Target, Loft, Nordstrom Rack
  • Hobby: Camping, Swimming, S.U.P., Family Time
  • Theater: Any
  • Other gift suggestions: I appreciate all acts of kindness

Staff Appreciation: Lisa Haight, Art

  • Birthday: Dec. 26
  • Candy Bar: Twix
  • Snack Food: popcorn
  • Restaurant: Chipotle
  • Beverage: coffee, diet coke
  • Type of Music: meditation
  • Author: art books, biographies about artist
  • Store: Michael’s
  • Hobby: reading, hiking, art
  • Theater: Clackamas T.C., Oak Grove 8
  • Other gift suggestions: I’m easy to please, anything

Staff Appreciation: Lisa Novelo

  • Birthday: May 20
  • Candy Bar: n/a
  • Snack Food: fruit
  • Restaurant: Sweet Tomatoes
  • Beverage: Sugar-free peppermint Americano (iced or hot)
  • Type of Music: Bachata, Cumbia
  • Author: Like non-fiction
  • Store: Costco
  • Hobby: volleyball, traveling
  • Theater: The Martian
  • Other gift suggestions: I love smelly soaps, lotions and candles

Staff Appreciation: Melanie Adams, 8th grade

  • Birthday: Sept. 28
  • Candy Bar: n/a
  • Snack Food: fresh fruit
  • Restaurant: La Carreta, Gustav’s, Olive Garden
  • Beverage: Diet Pepsi
  • Type of Music: 50’s rock
  • Author: Heinlin, Mercedes, Lockey
  • Store: Craft Warehouse, Winco, Catherine’s
  • Hobby: Letter Boxing , Ingress
  • Theater: Live Theater
  • Other gift suggestions: anything purple, sparkly or unicorn related

Staff Appreciation: Priscilla Nanni, ELD

  • Birthday: July 22
  • Candy Bar: Dark Cholate peanut butter cups (trader Joe’s)
  • Snack Food: almonds, wasabi peas
  • Restaurant: Panera Bread
  • Beverage: water, hot cocoa
  • Type of Music: reggae, jazz, classical
  • Author: I love the library
  • Store: Trader Joe’s
  • Hobby: Kayaking, Hiking, painting, felting, reading
  • Theater: Clackamas T.C.
  • Other gift suggestions: cute stationary, notebooks, stickers

Staff Appreciation: Rosie Pridey, Music

  • Birthday: March 24
  • Candy Bar: Symphony, Toffee bar
  • Snack Food: Fruit, Greek yogurt
  • Restaurant: Olive Garden, Spaghetti Factory
  • Beverage: flavored H20, flavored redbull
  • Type of Music: all except rap
  • Author: j>k. Rowlings, James Petterson
  • Store: Coastal, Wilco, Kohl’s
  • Hobby: Horses, reading, cats
  • Theater: mucials, plays, action movies
  • Other gift suggestions: flowers (roses), candles, lotions, chapstick, spearmint gum

Staff Appreciation: Sarah O’Malley, 5th grade

  • Birthday: Sept 30
  • Candy Bar: dark chocolate peanut butter cups
  • Snack Food: Cherry tomatoes, strawberries
  • Restaurant: Bamboo Sushi, Screen Door, Spaghetti Factory
  • Beverage: Double shot nonfat latte, or any coffee
  • Type of Music: Musicals
  • Author: any
  • Store: Trader Joes, TJ Max
  • Hobby: gardening, knitting, reading
  • Theater: Artist Repertory Theatre, Cinemark
  • Other gift suggestions: plants

Staff Appreciation: Wenny Liao, Chinese

  • Birthday: Nov. 11
  • Candy Bar: Kitkat
  • Snack Food: Dry Fruit
  • Restaurant: Wang’s King Chinese Restaurant
  • Beverage: Mango Smoothie
  • Type of Music: Chinese classic music
  • Author: n/a
  • Store: Costco
  • Hobby: Crabbing, clamming
  • Theater: n/a
  • Other gift suggestions: chocolate

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