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Cascade Heights is a public charter school within North Clackamas School District enrolling an average of  225 students - Kindgarten through 8th grade. There are currently students representing all of the primary and middle schools in the district as well as five other school districts. The classroom structure is divided into separate self-contained classrooms for each grade.

School-Community Philosophy:

  • We strive to provide an nurturing environment in which all children can flourish, grow and enhance their self-worth.
  • We strive for academic excellence in a stimulating school environment.
  • We value close ties among children, staff , parents and our community.
  • We all share a sense of pride in being members of our Falcon Family!


Cascade Heights welcomes applications throughout the year for ALL faculty and staff positions, regardless of whether a specific position has been posted, as jobs periodically become available throughout the year.

Please follow the application procedures outlined below. Thank you for your interest in Cascade Heights Public Charter School. For more details about the faculty positions, please email

Applications will only be considered after the following items have been received:

  • Letter of Intent (no more than one page)
  • Letter of Educational Philosophy (no more than one page) 
  • A curriculum vitae or résumé with cover letter
  • Copies of transcripts and any pertinent certifications
  • Completed applications may be dropped off at the school or emailed to

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Cascade Heights Public Charter School's curriculum, the Core Knowledge Sequence, encompasses language arts, mathematics, science, history, geography, fine arts, and physical education.

The MISSION of Cascade Heights Public Charter School is to inspire the social, emotional, academic, physical, personal, and ethical growth of children and partner with parents who share the same mission to prepare them to be members of a global society.

Cascade Heights fosters the development of the whole child through a rigorous, multisensory, experiential education. Young scholars gain cultural literacy and an appreciation of multiple perspectives through a cumulative, integrated, and objectives-based education. As a small community, we take pride in ourselves and our school, and provide a safe, positive space for young minds, bodies, and hearts to grow.

A charter school is a public school operated as a semi-autonomous school of choice authorized by a sponsoring school district, Oregon Department of Education or local university.  A charter school operates under a charter (a contract) between the charter school and its sponsor (authorizer). A public charter school is subject to certain laws (ORS 338) pertaining to  public schools. Charter schools are released from others laws and must operate in a manner consistent with the charter agreement (contract) with their sponsor.

Learn about our faculty, administrators and support staff.

We can be contacted by email using the forms below, or by one of these alternate methods:

Telephone: (503) 653-3996, (503) 653-1850

Fax: (503) 343-4500

Cascade Heights Public Charter School
15301 SE 92nd Avenue
Clackamas, OR 97015-9648

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