Cascade Heights Public Charter School

Community Service at Cascade Heights

Over the years, different teachers at different grade levels have taken on various opportunities for students to begin living the mission and vision of our school outside of the walls and campuses of Cascade Heights.

Second and third graders have decorated rag dolls for children in need.  Seventh graders have knitted hats for adults in need.  Money has been raised to dig wells in Africa and to bring girls from a Portuguese orphanage to experience life in the Cascade style.  Ivy pulls and litter pickups have been parts of field trips.  While learning about the diversity of the world, students have had first-hand experience in helping those in need, making the world a better place, and realizing that some time and energy put towards fellow humans pays off tenfold.

Each year, the teachers find new opportunities for their students to think of others, to realize that they are already members of a global society, and to enjoy the feelings of making a difference.

Stay tuned for this year's crop of community service experiences.  If you know of an organization that is willing to work with students, grades kindergarten through eighth (yes, even the little ones can make a difference), whose mission fits in with our mission and curriculum, please let your classroom teachers know!

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