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Cascade Heights's After School Program offers students an opportunity to explore fun activities in a non academic setting. Classes include homework club, sports, arts, science and technology, music, etc. For more information, visit our After School Activities page.


Cascade Heights offers a Summer Camp for students and non-students at a very competitive price. For more information on the different camps offered in June, July and August please visit our After School Activities page.

After School Activities and Summer Enrichment

Cascade Heights Public Charter School is always looking for new ways to get students and the community involved. Our community joins us for events like the Harvest Festival, Middle School vs. Staff Basketball Game, Family Reading Night, and Night of the Notables to name a few. Another way to promote more involvement is by providing our students opportunities to participate in a variety of academic, physical, and social activities after school and over the summer. 

We post the after school activities on the website, in Falcon Flash, and send them out via e-mail. Registration forms for classes can be downloaded or picked up at the After School Activities Bulletin Board located between the art room and science room. We like to get all the classes out to the parents before the start of each term (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer), but sometimes a great class will come along and we post it as soon as we get the information. When this happens, the website and After School Activities Bulletin Board are updated, and the class is announced in Falcon Flash and by e-mail.


Why do we offer after school and summer enrichment programs?

CHPCS offers after school activites, summer camps, and promotes programs like Saturday Academy for many reasons. CHPCS summer camps, SA, and other programs like them promote education of the whole child and foster individual curiosity and talent. They help reduce the effect called "summer slump." Enriching experiences (meaning activities other than normal academic pursuits) are especially valuable to students who are struggling academically. These programs offer a safe place for students to go after school and during summer break. And since our own teachers provide many of the activities we offer, it is a wonderful way for staff to build strong relationships with their students as well as students in other grades.

Like all of us, children enjoy time to explore their own interests, just because. And sometimes children have hidden talents or interests that no one (including them) recognizes until the right opportunity comes along. Summer camps and after school activities offer opportunities for those "ah-ha!" moments.

Research reveals that much of the achievement gap between economically disadvantaged and advantaged teens can be explained by summer learning loss during the elementary school years. There is a growing body of data to suggest that summer camps help counter-act “summer slump.”

Summer camps and after school activities offer enrichment that research also attributes as a factor in "narrowing the gap" in achievement disparity.

A little data to back up those sentiments:
“Children and youth who reside in economically disadvantaged households and who live in low resource, urban neighborhoods are more likely to lose ground in reading over the summer than their middle- and upper-income peers. … Summer learning programs are an important strategy for “narrowing the gap”.*
“(A recent) study of 3,395 families whose child attended one of 90 day or residential summer camps for at least one week found improvements from pre-test to post-test in positive identity, social skills, physical and thinking skills, and positive values and spirituality.”*

We are careful about which community services we bring to your attention. These classes and camps are a wonderful opportunity for children which we hope all of you will access. Please check out our current offerings at the links below.

* Effective and Promising Summer Learning Programs and Approaches for Economically-Disadvantaged Children and Youth.

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Field trips are an essential component of instruction at Cascade Heights Public Charter School.  As a sensory immersion school, Cascade Heights depends on the wider community to provide opportunities for experiential, focused learning related to the wider curriculum.  Visiting experts, experiencing content outside of school, and making broader connections enables students to get excited, broaden their horizons, and gain perspective in their studies.

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