Cascade Heights Public Charter School

Application and Lottery Procedure

Prospective new families may attend an informational meeting in January.

Please contact the main office for details: (503) 653-3996.

Cascade Heights Public Charter School (CHPCS) is an independent charter school sponsored by North Clackamas School District (NC12). Because our enrollment is limited to fewer students than apply we are required to select students by random lottery.

Per the Admissions Process defined in our charter application and contract with North Clackamas School District (NC12) Cascade Heights Public Charter School (CHPCS) will not make any distinction on account of disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, or ancestry of any student who seeks admission. Furthermore, admission will be offered publicly to Kindergarten through 8th-grade students with an effort to invite all families interested to carefully review the CHPCS Charter and apply for enrollment of their children if the parents value the school’s philosophy and educational offering.

Before a child’s name may be added to the lottery list, attendance by a parent or guardian at a CHPCS Public Information Meeting is encouraged but not mandatory. The purpose of this meeting is to explain Cascade Heights’ philosophy and educational approach prior to application. Vacancies exist whenever the number of students enrolled in class is below that class’ capacity. As vacancies occur, those vacancies will be filled using a lottery system (subject to the exceptions listed in section d below). Students are eligible to fill a vacancy after participating in a conference between the student, parent, Director to discuss curriculum, required levels of performance, dress code, rules, and other expectations.

The following lottery enrollment procedure is used:

  1. Parents of potential new students complete an application, at which time their child’s name will be added to the appropriate grade-level Enrollment Pool. If the lottery has already been drawn for the year and there is a working wait list, new applicants are held until that pool is exhausted at which time a new lottery is done to create a new wait list. Potential students may be added to the Enrollment Pool at any time during the year.

  2. When a vacancy occurs during the school year, that vacancy may or may not be filled at the school’s discretion. If CHPCS chooses to fill the vacancy and has more applicants in the Enrollment Pool than spaces available, the spaces are filled from the wait list created by a random lottery of applicants.

  3. To be included in the Enrollment Pool for the initial enrollment for the upcoming school year, parents must complete the Application Form. Applications for incoming Kindergarteners are accepted beginning October 1st of the year prior to the September the child would begin kindergarten. The lottery will be held in March of each year. This lottery determines the initial kindergarten enrollment for the upcoming school year.

  4. Enrollment priority may be given to the following students:

    • · Currently enrolled students
    • · Siblings of currently enrolled students
    • · Students on waitlist residing within the North Clackamas School District 
    • Students waitlist residing outside the North Clackamas School District

Students are not officially enrolled until all paperwork is complete and turned in to the front office including a current Emergency Contact form and Immunization forms.

Please note that winning the lottery does not ensure grade-level placement.

After placement test has been given, the administration will review results and recommend an appropriate grade for your child. If your child’s academic ability does not meet grade level expectations for our school, your child will need to be placed on the lottery for a higher or a lower grade.

Lottery Process

  1. Complete an application form and submit by mail by U.S. post office or hand deliver to: 15301 SE 92nd Ave, Clackamas OR 97015. NO FAX, NO EMAIL OR SCANNED APPLICATION PLEASE.

  2. The website is used to guarantee random selection. All lottery drawings are open to the public. 

Kindergarten Lottery

Kindergarten applications are accepted beginning in October of the year prior to the year of desired enrollment. (e.g. Kindergarten applications for the 2014-2015 school year are accepted beginning October 1, 2014) . A student is considered to be five years old for the purpose of entering school if the student has a 5th birthday prior to September 1st of the enrollment year.  Oregon law does not require a student to be enrolled until the age of seven.

Kindergarten class lottery is held in the spring of each year. The time and day will be posted and all are welcome to attend.  The lottery process is held at Cascade Heights and is open to the public.  Due to the complexity of the lottery and importance of keeping all records accurate we ask that you not accept enrollment on the day of the lottery. Attendance at the lottery drawing is not required to be selected but everyone is welcome! 

Status letters for all kindergarten applicants are mailed within the week. Selected families have three weeks to complete these requirements for enrollment:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of immunization records,
  • Current utility bill or other document showing proof of residency.

After three weeks, a subsequent lottery is held for any openings not filled.

Upper Grades

 Applications for 1st-8th grades are accepted year round. Openings are filled as they occur and chosen at random from the lottery pool. See Order of Priority below.

Order of Priority

Applicants are divided by grade and each grade is divided into three groups for drawing in the following priority.

  1. Siblings of children currently enrolled (provided the enrolled sibling has been enrolled for at least a year).
  2. Children who reside within the North Clackamas School District #12 (NC12)
  3. Children who live OUTSIDE the North Clackamas Boundaries

Note: While Kindergarten will enroll 25 new students since it is the first class, other classes may only have two or three openings because the classes are filled with returning students.

Preference IS given to in-district families.

Note:  Siblings can only be placed on this list if the school is notified that there is a sibling. They are placed as they become a sibling to an enrolled student who has been enrolled for at least a year.

Student Contact Information Changes

 All  phone numbers on the application are called and messages left when possible. E-mail is also used when available. Make sure your application is complete and as many contact numbers as possible are available. List them in priority order (Ex. 1. Mother, 2. Father. 3. Grandmother, 4. Neighbor).  Please also make sure that each contact listed on the application knows what is expected if a call should be received.  Because our lottery is extensive we can only allow 24 hours to accept enrollment.  The 24 hour time begins after all contact attempts are made. If the position is accepted  seven business days are allowed to submit the needed documentation before the spot is released to another student.

Application Roll Over

All applications not chosen in a given year are automatically rolled over to the next grade at the end of each school year.

Change of Application Status

If there is a change in status of the application it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the school. 

For example, if a child :

  • has moved up a grade,
  • is retained in the same grade or
  • moves out of district 
  • moves in to district
  • becomes a sibling of a currently enrolled student

it is the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to update all information on the application (it is best if you submit a new application and at the top of the application write New/Updated Information).

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