Cascade Heights Public Charter School

Visiting Cascade Heights

How do I learn more about Cascade Heights? 

 A thorough exploration of the website will help you determine if you would like to learn more about Cascade Heights.  "Like" us on facebook to see our most recent happenings.

Annual Information Meetings

The Annual Informational Meeting will be held the last Tuesday in the month of January. You will meet our Director, learn about charter schools, the history of Cascade Heights, learn about our curriculum as well as an introduction to the vision and mission of Cascade Heights. Please check our calendar or call our office for the time and date of our next information meeting. Children are welcome to attend however, the meeting is geared toward the parents and children must stay with the parents during the meeting. Once you have been accepted for admission and you have further questions which may be more personal in nature, we encourage you to make an appointment with our director. At that time, you may visit a classroom in session.

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