Deanna Marlatt

Deanna Marlatt

Mrs. Denman and I worked behind the scenes for one year before Cascade actually opened. I was born in Hood River, Oregon and raised in Portland. After attending and graduating from Portland Public Schools I went to Portland Community College. Prior to coming to Cascade, I did many thingsfrom managing my husband's multiple businesses, McDonald's, OMSI, Jr. Kindergarten teacher, Red Lion Inn, Downtown gift shop manager, manager of Made in Oregon, production warehouse for Safeway, Lucerne (where I did everything from drive an 18-wheeler pulling two trailers full of raw milk to production of milk, yogurt, and sour cream to warehouse shipping and receiving), office manager, business owner, and Creative Memories Consultant. Each and every job has brought me many life experiences that have been useful here at Cascade Heights.

My husband Brent and I have two amazing children who graduated from Cascade Heights. Ashley graduated from Rex Putnam with honors, a member of NHS, and a four year member of the Royal Crown dance team. She will be attending community college this year in order to be close by for her brother's senior year. Bryan just turned 17 and is currently a senior at Rex Putnam. Bryan is going to play basketball this winter and has been on the track team the past three years and will finish his senior year out with his fourth year of track, where he hopes to beat the school record for high jump. My passion is photography and someday I hope to travel around the world and become a famous photographer. My favorite pastime is to be with my husband and children and taking pictures every chance I get of them and everything around us.

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