Our School Wish List

Our school is always in need of supplies and helpers. Click the banner for lists of individual classroom needs.


General Needs

  • New, white or black socks in larger sizes (4th grade and up)
  • Large (middle school size) collared shirts
  • Office supplies of all kinds from staples to file folders to scotch tape
  • 27 competition jump ropes
  • Guest speakers - check with your classroom teacher
  • On-site school counselor
  • Funds for professional development for our staff
  • Guided Core Knowledge reading books
  • A sister school in a Spanish speaking country
  • American Flag and mount for every classroom
  • OMSI partnership
  • Cases of copy paper, any color
  • Solar panels for our roof!
  • Compostable garbage bags
  • Garbage bags all sizes
  • Postage stamps
  • Protective gloves (non latex)
  • A wheel barrow
  • 1 truck load of bark dust
  • 1/2 truck load of small gravel
  • 10 rolls of landscape paper (black)
  • Graduated cylinders of all sizes for science
  • Mass weights
  • Stop watches
  • Set of pulleys (Physics)
  • Ring Stands (Physics)

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