Cascade Heights Public Charter School

Staff Appreciation: Melanie Adams, 8th grade

  • Birth Date (mm/dd): September 28
  • Favorite Beverage (hot): Hot chocolate
  • Favorite Beverage (cold): Diet Pepsi
  • Favorite Candy Bar: Anything with caramel (100 Grand/Twix/Milky Way)
  • Favorite Color: PURPLE
  • Favorite Restaurant: La Carreta Gresham
  • Favorite Flower/Plant: Anything with purple blooms
  • Favorite Snack Food: fresh fruit
  • Favorite Author: Robert Heinlin, Mercedes Lackey, JK Rowling
  • Favorite Hobby: Letterboxing, Ingress
  • Favorite Movie Theater: Live Theater
  • Favorite Music/Musician: 50's rock
  • Favorite Sports Team: Rose City Rollers
  • Favorite Store: Winco, Craft Warehouse, Catherine's
  • Other Gift Suggestions: anything purple, sparkly or unicorn related

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