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2015 Science Fair Projects

26 January 2015 Written by  

Here's a list of our student projects at this year's science fair:


  • How many tasks can a person do simultaneously without concentration and memory being affected?
  • Do people have a “hive” mentality?
  • Are people more willing to wash hands with soap or use hand sanitizer?
  • Do middle school students follow and use gender roles?
  • Can video games cause changes in blood pressure, heart rate and breathing to mimic real stress?
  • Do different lights affect mental performance?
  • Does the color of the yogurt affect perception of it?
  • Do middle school students comprehend informational text better on hard copy or e reader?
  • If participants with Alzheimer’s use techniques to help improve memory regarding word retention; will response show improvement?


  • Why does shellac stay on longer than ordinary nail polish?
  • How does soda affect teeth and how does it make holes?
  • Do different styles of running affect speed?
  • Do artists prefer hard, medium or soft lead pencils?
  • Which baking surfaces produce the best cookies?
  • Which surface will get a soccer ball to go the furthest distance?
  • How does the angle and weight affect a roller coaster?
  • Will a baseball, tennis ball or football go higher?
  • Can dried playdough be revived so it is useable again?
  • Which cooks potatoes faster; microwave, boiling or oven?
  • What type of markers smear the least?
  • What brand of AA batteries last longest?
  • If it is very cold outside, which two substances combined make ice melt fastest?
  • Which plastic bottle is best for freezing water?
  • Which cleaners work best on engine grease?
  • Which wrapping material keeps cut apples freshest and longest?
  • What kind of wood absorbs the most water in 15 minutes?
  • Which gram weight BB can go through the most layers of cardboard by comparing mass?
  • What removes rust the fastest; vinegar, cola or windex?
  • Does natural or toxic nail polish last longer under multiple intense stresses?
  • Which liquid takes the rust off different types of pipes?
  • Does hitting a magnet with different forces affect the magnet strength?
  • When acrylic paint is made unstable by dilution, extension and combination with the painting process, does artist grade paint (polymer) or student grade paint (resin) hold up better to hot, cold and controlled temperatures?
  • How does water affect food and why?
  • Out of chicken and duck eggs, which make the fluffiest cake?
  • How does smoking affect pinkness of lung tissue?
  • What is better for your health, endurance or strength training?


  • Comparing two thermoses where both are insulated vacuum flasks, does the thermos with the screw on lid maintain liquid hotter than the thermos with an air pump cover over eight hours?
  • Which nail polish is durable under harsh conditions?
  • Which coating protects an egg longer, plaster or wax?
  • Does the mass of a spherical object affect distance when catapulted?
  • Can saltwater create enough electricity to power a light bulb for an extended period of time?
  • Which of three materials, emergency blankets, tarps or wool will trap heat the best?
  • How can I make a boat more hydrodynamic by changing the shape?
  • Can rain generate electricity?


  • Does surrounding soil of new or old gas stations have a greater PH level?
  • Does humidity affect barometric pressure?
  • What acidity of soil promotes the fastest breakdown of fruit to compost?
  • Are lakes and ponds in populated areas more contaminated than lakes and ponds in rural areas?
  • Does scent or sound make a guinea pig move through a maze faster?
  • How does practice affect performance in basketball?
  • Which sorbents soak up the most oil?
  • Which type of people have the greatest heart rate increase on which video games?
  • Which fabric do people prefer?
  • If a dog can smell illness, do they react differently to people with or without an illness?
  • Which chemical scents do dogs have the most negative reaction to?
  • Does playing a band instrument at Cascade Heights affect a student’s mood?
  • Does smell change the flavors of foods we eat?
  • Which actually is most distracting?
  • Does background noise have a positive or negative effect on memory?
  • Do 5-8 year olds feel happiness in the same place as 11-14 year olds?


  • Can you raise glucose levels higher when you drink fresh juice or when you drink frozen juice?
  • If I do the inversion method will my hair grow faster?
  • Which method of hand cleaning is more effective; soap and water or hand sanitizer?
  • If organic and non-organic, sliced Fuji apples are left in a closet sitting in tubs; which will grow mold the fastest?
  • Can radishes grow faster and better in aquaponics?


  • How much weight can a foil boat hold?
  • Helium v.s. air?
  • How fast does an oreo dissolve in different liquids?
  • If I have M and M’s what are the chances of pulling out a certain color?
  • What soda pop dissolves water buffalo teeth fastest?
  • How do natural crystals form with brown, powdered and white sugar?
  • Will DoTerra essential oils improve test scores?
  • What organic material can turn into plastic?
  • Do dogs react to different toys at different times?
  • Do fruits or vegetables decompose faster?
  • Can we create perpetual motion using magnets?
  • How long does it take hard candy to turn into cotton candy?
  • What material absorbs oil spills the best; natural or synthetic?
  • Do plants growfaster in different liquids?
  • What fruit or vegetable produces the most electricity?
  • What makes leaves change colors in the fall?
  • Will reading or playing video games help me learn math facts better?
  • Is citrus fruit a good non toxic cleaner?


  • Which brand of paper towel absorbs best?


  • How does age affect perception of time?


  • Which exercise makes our heart beat fastest?


  • Are there ten things in our classroom that magnets will attract?

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