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2015 Battle of the Books (BOB)

27 January 2015 Written by  

Battle of the Books has begun and the official list of 29 books has been released!

Important Dates:

  • March 2 – BOB battles begin.
  • March 12 – Final BOB battle at 2:30 pm. Spectators welcome!

Here are some frequently asked questions about Battle of the Books at CHPCS:

What is Battle of the Books?

Battle of the Books (BOB) is a reading incentive program for students in grades 3-8. Students read books and come together as a class to demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge of the books they have read. Third through eighth grade will spend the next six weeks reading and strategizing before going head to head with the other classes in fast paced battles that test comprehension. Classes will work together to not only read these books, but master them. Because each student can answer only three questions per battle, it must be a team effort. Which class will come out on top? It's anyone's game at this point. Be sure to ask your student what BOB book they are reading. You are more than welcome to read it with them or even to them! 

How are books chosen?

The Battle of the Books list is chosen by a team of teachers and administrators. They review the National Librarian’s Association recommendations, Newberry Medal winners, Caldecott Medal winners, and other notable award winners. From these lists they find books that range from the lowest reading level participating to 3 years above the highest grade participating. From there they ensure that we have fiction and nonfiction, historical fiction, classics, sports fiction, animal fiction, adventure, and a biography. The last consideration is a balance between female and male characters. The idea is to have at least one book in the list that appeals to every child participating.

What if I think a book is over my child’s head or is inappropriate for them?

The beauty of Battle of the Books is that it is a team effort. No one child is expected to read every book. In fact, it’s best if they don’t read every book. Choose 2 or 3 from the list that you are OK with and read those.

Can my child listen to the book/watch the movie/have it read to them, etc.?

YES! The idea is for children to be exposed to literature and to understand the story. They can have it read to them by an adult or older sibling, listen to it on tape, or read it themselves. They can watch the movie, but be careful; often the movie is not the same as the book.

Here is the official 2015 BOB book list:

Clementine Sara Pennypacker 3
Meow Means Mischief Ann Whitehead Nagda and Stephanie Roth 3.3
Red Badge of Courage Stephen Crane 3.5
Countdown Deborah Wiles 3.5
National Geographic Kids Chapters: Ape Escapes!: and More True Stories of Animals Behaving Badly Aline Alexander Newman 3.8
The Case of the Spooky Sleepover James Preller 3.8
Just Juice Karen Hesse 3.8
Love that Dog Sharon Creech 4.5
The Story Of George Washington Carve Eva Moore 4.7
Glass Town: The Secret World of the Bronte Children Michael Bedard 4.8
The Orphan of Ellis Island: A Time-Travel Adventure Elvira Woodruff 4.9
The Van Gogh Cafe Cynthia Rylant 5
The Wizard of Oz L. Frank Baum 5
Game Changers #2 Play Makers Mike Lupica 5.3
Moon over Manifest Clare Vanderpool 5.3
Swiss Family Robinson Johann D. Wyss 5.5
Aleutian Sparrow Karen Hesse 5.7
Ghosts of the White House Cheryl Harness 5.8
Poetry for Young People: Maya Angelou Dr. Edwin Graves Wilson Ph.D. and Jerome Lagarrigue 6
Lost Star: The Story of Amelia Earheart Patricia G. Lauber 6
Buffalo Hunt Russell Freedman 6.4
One Crazy Summer Rita Williams-Garcia 7
The Boys' War: Confederate and Union Soldiers Talk About the Civil War Jim Murphy 7.6
The Greatest Generation Tom Brokaw 7.7
Getting Organized Without Losing It Janet S Fox 8
Journey to the Center of the Earth Jules Verne 9.9
Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster Jon Krakauer 10
Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper 12
Elements of Style William Strunk Jr. and E. B. Whit  

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