Cascade Heights Public Charter School

Spanish Update

CHPCS welcomes Mrs. Batey

Profesora Rhiannon Batey, or Profe Batey (pronounced pro-fay bay-tee) as she is addressed in the classroom, will be teaching Spanish at CHPCS for the rest of this school year as a long term substitute.

Profesora learned to speak Spanish fluently while living and working in Madrid, Spain as a teacher of English at a bilingual primary school for three years. Upon returning to the US in 2008, she taught Spanish at the elementary and high school level until taking a short hiatus for the birth of her first child.

Now, Profesora is returning to the world of classroom teaching and is excited to share her unique approach to world language acquisition with us. Profe Batey is trained in the Organic World Language approach (OWL). OWL engages learners in meaningful communication (100% in Spanish) in an empowered and student centered community. OWL students look forward to coming to Spanish class every day and walk away from Spanish class with broader vocabularies that are relevant to their lives, increased confidence to speak Spanish with others, a deeper appreciation for Spanish speaking cultures, and a desire to continue their education in Spanish.

Please join us in welcoming Profe Batey to our amazing team of dedicated educators and staff here at Cascade Heights. We are grateful she is willing to finish out the year with us. The search for a permanent Spanish teacher for the 2016-17 school year will be conducted this spring.

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