Cascade Heights Public Charter School

Spring in China 2016

Here is a newsletter (translated) written by the Suzhou City Experimental Primary School about our students’ visit. Enjoy!

Dear United States friends, Xiao welcomes you!

On March 20, Suzhou City Experimental Primary School ushered in a second batch of foreign friends, one teacher, ten students and six parents. They were from United States, Oregon, Cascade Heights Public Charter School. They came to our school, and with our grade six students attended classes together, played together and experienced sharing.

About Cascade Heights Public Charter School:

Cascade Heights is a kindergarten to eighth grade public charter school. The school has a strict, multi sensory experience-oriented education to promote overall development of each student. They have received awards for outstanding grades. As early as 2010, Cascade Heights Public Charter School and Suzhou City Experimental Primary School became sister schools. During the winter holidays just past, 16 Suzhou students visited the Cascade Heights Public Charter School, where teachers and students gave them a warm welcome and careful hospitality.

About the exchange visit:

The arrival of foreigners was warmly welcomed by all the teachers and students. All are happy “To have friends from Afar.”

The morning of March 21, in the Kin House of Confucius Hall, our school held a welcome ceremony, and Principal Lin gave a welcome speech.

After the welcoming ceremony, the 10 students entered a grade six class while their moms and dads saw the children enter into Chinese life, full of joy.

In the days that followed, these 10 United States students participated in six courses, watched the flag-raising ceremony, underwent exercise training, did Chinese calligraphy and made a book, participated in games and community activities, and toured the area. It was a real sharing exchange and experience.

The unforgettable study trip visit was over too soon. The Cascade Heights Public Charter school students enjoyed immersion learning and exchange, and experienced a completely different learning environment and culture. Meanwhile, our students also with open gesture received these foreign friends, and let them feel the care and warmth in a foreign country with style!

At last
Let us sing a song,
For love, friendship,
For the brave, strong,
For pure power,
Let us sing of all good things.

The 2016 exchange group:


  • Helena Brinker
  • Ameiya Chan
  • Elora Engel
  • Ember Flickema (alumni)
  • Jenny Hansen
  • Caroline Keisz
  • Malia Materson (alumni)
  • Meiling Masterson
  • Elijah Perkins
  • Autumn Prisel


  • Mrs. Maria Brinker
  • Mr. Danny Chan
  • Mrs. Shannon Keisz
  • Mrs. Mary Masterson
  • Mr. Ryan Perkins
  • Mrs. Cadence Prisel


  • Wenny Liaoshi, organizer extraordinaire!

A big thank you to Wenny Liaoshi. Her tireless efforts made this wonderful cultural opportunity available to the Falcon community. If your family is interested in the next Chinese exchange, please be sure to let her know: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Click here if you would like to see the original Chinese version and more pictures.

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