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Combined Fall Concert Featuring K-4 and 5-8

16 November 2014 Written by  

K-4 Fall Concert is rescheduled; will join 5-8 Concert Thursday, Nov. 20 @ 6:00pm

As many of you know, the K-4 Fall Concert originally scheduled for Thursday, November 13, was cancelled as a result of the bad weather day.

The K-4 students worked very hard to prepare for their performance, and I know they shared in my excitement to perform their music for you. Myself and the other teachers all agree that it is important to reschedule the concert. We have agreed to combined the K-4 performance with the upcoming 5-8 concert on November 20. This means that there is a slight change of schedule for the older children, along with an entirely new schedule for younger students. Please read the details below, and do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have questions.

5:45pm: K-4 students will arrive and gather in their respective classrooms by grade level. Please keep your K-4 child’s coat with you, as they will not be returning to their classrooms at the conclusion of the concert. 5-8 students with younger siblings may also report to their classrooms at this time.

6:00pm: K-4 concert begins.

6:15pm: 5-8 students arrive and enter through the side door by the art room. Parents may gather in the cafeteria until the K-4 concert is over. Students will gather in the following rooms to tune and leave their cases and coats:

  • 5/6 Band: Mrs. Hans
  • 5/6 Orchestra: Mr. Vieira
  • 7/8 Band: Mrs. Adams
  • 7/8 Orchestra: Ms. Venture

Approximately 6:30pm: K-4 concert concludes. There will be a brief intermission before the 5-8 instrumental portion of the concert begins. Students in grades K-4 will be dismissed directly to their parents in gym at this time. Please do not “save” seats for your K-4 child; they may sit up front, sit on your lap, etc. (we need all the seats we can get for adult audience members!).

Families of K-4 students are welcome to stay for the second half of the concert, or may choose to leave at this time.

Approximately 6:45pm: 5-8 instrumental concert begins. At the end of the concert 5-8 students will return to the classrooms to get their cases and coats.

Please keep in mind that both portions of the concert will be brief, and thank you all in advance for your flexibility and understanding. It has been a delight working with these children to prepare for this performance, and I am excited for the students to share their music with you.

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