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Falcon Flash: Week of November 10, 2016

10 November 2016 Written by   Debra Dietch, Communication Coordinator

In this issue: Poinsettia sale / Mocha Express fundraiser / After school access / Guidelines for sending cash to pay for hot lunches


Fundraiser for Ashland trip

Order forms and money are due on November 14. Poinsettias will be delivered on December 7 and will be available for pickup from noon to 4 or by arrangement with Mrs. Adams.

This money will fund our amazing trip to Ashland, Oregon. We need your help raising money for this last hurrah before we go to high school.

Thank you for your support. We appreciate it!
The 8th grade class

pdf Poinsettia order form (93 KB)


Mocha Express on Webster (14813 SE Webster Road) will donate 10% of your order to the school. Just tell them you are with Cascade Heights at the time of purchase. Every penny counts! Thank you for your support.


Please note that the office closes at 4pm.

If you arrive to pick up early from an after school club, please go to the exterior cafeteria doors (off the covered playground) as there may not be anyone in the office to respond to the front door bell.

When after school activities end, the instructors bring children to the front doors for a “mini car line.” If you don’t need to pick up early, you can meet your children at the front of the building at the end of after school classes.


When you send cash for hot lunch, please place it in a completely sealed envelope marked with the child’s name, grade and amount enclosed. There have been some instances of unsealed envelopes or ziplock bags arriving in the lunch room missing random small change, which can easily slip out of a partially sealed envelope or ziplock bag. If your child’s account balance seems lower than you expect, please check the bottoms of backpacks and lunch boxes. Thank you!

The easiest way of adding funds to your child’s lunch account, is by using

With MYSCHOOLBUCKS, you can add money to your child's account, view account balances and recent purchases, and set up notifications - from the convenience of your home, office, or on-the-go with their mobile app. It’s easy to set up and your account can include all your children.

Remember: When paying by CHECK, please make it out to North Clackamas School District #12.

Please visit our website at
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