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Head lice information

27 October 2014 Written by  

Wet head checks are much more effective and must be done at home.

Don't skip a step!

  1. Put thick mayonnaise on all family heads- wrap head in plastic wrap- watch movie
  2. Wash hair out with one tablespoon of shampoo to three drops tea tree oil (put 10 drops in shampoo bottle for maintenance)
  3. Comb hair with 1/2 cup vinegar 1/2 cup water with fine tooth head lice comb
  4. Blow dry hair and every day you wash hair blow dry it
  5. Put either mousse or hairspray in your hair daily.
  6. Do this once a week for three weeks. Change sheets on same day of treatment and vacuum everything (can use sleeping bags daily and put in hot dryer daily.) This is low cost and works.
  7. If concerned about getting head lice use tea tree oil in shampoo, hairspray in hair and blow dry.

Head lice resources:

Lice Management Flow Chart


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