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January 2019 Field Trips

17 January 2019 Written by  

This is what your Annual Activity Fees (AAF) paid for this month:


Kindergarten invited artist Chloe to visit our classroom. Miss Chloe taught us about color temperature, watercolor pencils and how to use feather-light pencil lines to create our art. The children created a four-page, water colored elements book.

First Grade

This month we are learning about the human body in first grade. For our January field trip, we visited East Side Fitness. We learned about the different muscles, and explored different exercises that work each muscle. We also took a yoga class and played a game of bridge tag. Even Ms. Stacy got tagged!

Second Grade

Second grade had a great time at the Interactive Museum of Games and Puzzlery. Then we headed to the grocery store to purchase healthy foods based on MyPlate and reading nutrition labels. This also gave us practice with our money and addition skills. When we returned to school, we enjoyed a nutritious celebration--the fruits of our labor!

Third Grade

Third grade is studying Native American tribes in History. On our January field trip, we traveled to the Willamette Heritage Center in Salem to learn about the thirteen Kalapuya tribes who lived in the Willamette valley. We also toured houses that taught us about early Oregon settlers.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade visited the Willamette Heritage Center in beautiful Salem, Oregon. We learned about the wool and fiber mill and also made our own book marks with yarn. Spinning wool and learning how to spin yarn was also interesting and fun.

Fifth Grade

In January, Fifth Grade visited the Portland Art Museum to see a special exhibit on Japanese Art. We also made sushi and had an Aikido demonstration from Mr. and Mrs. Erbe, who are third degree Black Belts.

Sixth Grade

6th Grade is learning about the French Revolution. We began our day knitting Liberty caps like the Tricoteuses, and tasting French cuisine, including escargot. After lunch we visited the European Art exhibit at the Portland Art Museum.

Seventh Grade

7th grade visited Clackamas Community College. Students were given an orientation of what community college has to offer and how it differs from a university setting. Students toured the automotive and art departments after orientation. This trip is relevant to middle school students mainly because it gets them to think ahead and it keeps them goal-oriented.

Eighth Grade

Eighth Grade had a wonderful time exploring a new lifetime sport at the Northwest Fencing Association. Students learned how fencing works, what it takes to be a fencer, and saw some National Champions at work. After lunch we went to the Oregon Historical Society to visit the Psychedelic Portland Exhibit which covered the 60's music scene in Portland. Can you identify your student while suited up?


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