Cascade Heights Public Charter School

K-4 concert, Thursday, May 21, 2015

21 May 2015 Written by  

The students have done a great job preparing and I am excited for them to perform for you.

Performance: Thursday, May 21 - 6:30pm @ Cascade Heights Gymnasium

Arrival Time: Students will gather by class in the gym at 6:15pm.

Dress Code: Concerts are a very special occasion. Children will always perform better and sing more confidently when they know they look the part! Please see the guidelines below:

  • Girls  Dress pants and blouse or dresses are acceptable. Shoulders must be covered and dresses must reach knee length. Uniforms are also acceptable.
  • Boys — Dress slacks and a collared shirt are acceptable. Ties are welcome but not required. Uniforms are also acceptable.

Parking: Please arrive early to assure a parking space. If you need handicap access please park at the breezeway entrance and ring the bell to get to the ramp.

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