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Kindergarten winners of PTA Jog-a-thon

06 January 2015 Written by  

So, you've been wondering which class brought in the most $ from the jog-a-thon and who was the top prize winning earner, right?? Here is the scoop!

Kindergarten jogged, skipped and hopped to the top of the fundraising list. Go Kindergarten! They will have bragging rights until next year.
The student who topped everyone in individual fundraising was Victor Randolph in Kindergarten. Good job, Victor!

The top earners in each of the other classes were:

  • Kindergarten — Victor Randolph: $1000
  • 1st Grade — Abigail Antonini: $200
  • 2nd Grade — Lena Bader: $169
  • 3rd Grade — Adam Antonini: $200
  • 4th Grade — Madison Maguire: $435
  • 5th Grade — Kyler Pak: $235
  • 6th Grade — Josiah Butler: $100
  • 7th Grade — Julian Martin: $150
  • 8th Grade — Malia Masterson: $910

Thank you to everyone who supported our students in this year's Jog-a-Thon!

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