Cascade Heights Public Charter School

Let’s all work to be on time for school!

09 September 2014 Written by  

At Cascade Heights, families come from many different areas and getting to school on time can be a challenge. Please plan ahead!

  • Lay out uniform and backpack the night before (don’t forget your planner)
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Leave in plenty of time (especially if you cross train tracks or travel with traffic)

Students are to be in their seats ready to learn by 8:00 a.m. Our doors open at 7:45 a.m. each morning and close at 7:55 a.m.. This gives students plenty of time to walk to class, put backpacks, jackets, and lunch away before taking their seats.

If you do happen to be late:

  1. If student is in class but not in their seat, the teacher will mark the child tardy but will not send them back to the office.
  2. In order to start our day promptly, teachers close their classroom door promptly at 8:00 a.m. If a student arrives to school in time, but arrives to a closed classroom door, this may mean they were not efficient getting to class and an office pass will be required to enter class. This is to ensure the safety of all students.
  3. If a student arrives at school after 7:55 a.m. the student must be signed in by an adult. Park safely, bring your child to the office where they will receive a pass to go right to class while the parent signs the student in under later arrival on the HelpCounter computer located by the door.

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