Cascade Heights Public Charter School

Letter from a 2015 graduate

14 September 2015 Written by  

Dear Mrs. Adams,

This is Shak. I just wanted to check in and see how you are doing.

Things are going well at La Salle, but I can't help missing the simpler days at Cascade, where I didn't have to run around for classes and the projects were immersive and fun. I miss being with people you really get to know instead of sitting in rooms with people you don't know the names of but who you see everyday; maybe you passed them in the hallway, just another face to add to your subconscious, them becoming familiar strangers and nothing more. My English teacher thinks I have a gift for writing and that can only be traced back to you. I remember all the vocabulary and all the writing pieces you put us through. I see the value of them now, going into sophomore year.

My most prominent memory of middle school is sitting in a dirty trench next to my peers, soaked in rain, and realizing I no longer wanted to be a navy seal. Or was it when we spent the day hiding from the SS under our desks? Perhaps it was the silent movie film festival/ roaring 20s dance off/ root beer tasting party. I wonder how many other Lasallians have those kinds of memories.

Thank you, Mrs. Adams.

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