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Letter to Summer Camp Hosting Families

14 April 2016 Written by  

Our 3rd annual Riggs Institute and Institute for Excellence in Writing International Summer Camp will be held July 11th – July 22nd at Cascade Heights. It is our goal to offer this fun English immersion camp to Chinese students who desire to learn more English in a formal way. It is a program we hope will continue to grow and become a regular source of income for our school.

From July 11th to July 22nd, we will host 15 middle school students (5th and 6th Grades ) from China. Chinese students will be coming to Oregon through our sister school, Suzhou Experimental Elementary School and Skybridge Inc. They will be attending Riggs Spelling and Writing Camp with Mrs. Adams, Ms. Cantin and Mr. Currey in the mornings. Afternoons , Mr. Weaver, Miss Devlin, Mrs. Adams and Mr. Currey and Ms. Cantin will offer Sports, American Cooking, Lego Robotics and Wood Crafts. We are seeking host families to welcome students during this time (13 days) and provide transportation to camp each day. Preference is to have no more than two Chinese students per host family. If you have never hosted a student from another country, it is indeed a wonderful experience for everyone. We hope your children will have the chance to visit abroad in the coming years and stay with a wonderful family too! There will also be one teacher who desires to experience “true” American family life.

The specific purpose of this visit is for students to learn English so it is an opportunity for any family to host a student. You do not need to be a student of Chinese; in fact, we would prefer that you speak only English!

If your family would like to host, please email Wenny Laoshi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than May 5th, 2016.

Each family will have an option to choose either a $200 stipend to cover gas and meals OR a $400 credit towards attending any classes during these two weeks with Chinese students.


  • July 10 — Picked up at 5:30 p.m. at a designated hotel in downtown Portland
  • July 11-14 — Week One- Delivered to Cascade Heights at 8:00 am and picked up at 3:30 pm each day(lunch and snacks will be provided by the school program)
  • July 15 — Delivered to school at 8:00 am- Chinese students only will be picked up at school at 2pm to go camping on the Oregon Coast for the weekend.
  • July 17 — Pick up your student(s) at Cascade Heights at 5pm.
  • July 18-22 — Week Two- Delivered to Cascade Heights at 8:00 am and picked up at 3:30 pm each day (lunch and snacks will be provided by the school program)
  • July 23 — Students delivered to Portland International Airport in morning.

It is an exciting opportunity for Cascade Heights to once again live its mission to “educate children for the global society”.

Kind Regards,

Holly Denman – Director
Wenny Chunwen Liao-Chinese Teacher

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