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Library update: Free books & volunteers needed

08 December 2014 Written by  

On Monday morning you will see over 23 boxes of books lined up along the wall of the main hallway. These are books which have been weeded out of our library.

Included in these books are books that are out of date (history books with wrong names of countries for example), books that do not reflect equitable diversity, sets of books with missing volumes, books that have been loved so much they are falling apart. If you want them help yourself! Any books left at the end of the week will be given to charity. Many of them are only good for craft projects, but others are still great for reading.

We have made major progress and are excited to share with you the next steps to bringing our school library into operation. Thank you to the hard work and dedication of Mrs. McGuire and Mrs. Ruppert we have an action plan. Under the direction of Mrs. Edith Fuller, a retired Portland Public School librarian who is a wealth of knowledge and vision, we are working on a step by step plan. The very first step was to weed out all the books that we don't want in our collection.

The second step is cataloging the remaining books. We are looking for 15 volunteers to help us on December 29th from 9am to 1pm. Lunch will be served and child care will be provided courtesy of our PTA. We will be hand labeling all of our Fiction books that day. Over 5,000 books hopefully. If you can join us please sign in here:

Thank you for helping our library open!

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