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Falcon Flash: Week of December 10, 2015

10 December 2015 Written by   Debra Dietch, Communication Coordinator

In this issue: 8th Grade perfoms 12th Night / First Teacher Tea a success! / Thank you to our Falcon host families / Winter Showcase / Winter weather is upon us / Homework over breaks /


Thursday, December 10, 6:00 pm

Please join us! Don't forget to bring your FAMILY PASSPORT to Twelfth Night! We have a great commemorative stamp.


Tuesday, January 12 from 8 to 8:30 am, in the Library

Thanks to those who attended our first monthly Teacher Tea with Mrs. Adams. It was a positive meeting that generated some very productive ideas. If you missed it, the next Teacher Tea will be hosted by Mrs. Ketel on Tuesday, January 12 at 8:00am. This is your chance to share ideas, questions, or concerns. Please join us!


January 25-30

CHPCS will host 16 students from our sister school in Suzhou, China in January and all of them have been placed with a Falcon family. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to open their homes and lives for this amazing cultural exchange opportunity!


December 17th, 6:30pm
Camp Withycombe Auditorium

Join us for an evening performance highlighting current units by all 9 classes. Our wonderful PTA has rented the auditorium at Camp Withycombe (same venue as the Auction) so that everyone will be in the same place and each class will perform just once.

Our evening performance begins at 6:30 PM. Family and friends may take their seats beginning at 6:10 while students make their way to the back of the auditorium where teachers will seat them. We are expecting a full house, so be there early for the best seats. Because Camp Withycombe is a military base, everyone 18 and over will need picture ID to get on base. The Base also recommends high school students under the age of 18 bring their student cards.

Once there, proceed to the large building just inside the gate. There is plenty of parking and the building is handicap accessible!

• Each class will be told what to wear. If in doubt, wear your school uniform.
• There will be a concession. All proceeds will go toward 8th grade’s end of year trip to Ashland for the Shakespeare Festival.
• Please take pictures or film from your seat or standing in the back of the room.
• Please silence your cell phone and all other noise making devices.
• In order to minimize interruptions to the performance, students will not be released until the end of the show.
• At the end of the performance, students will need to be picked up from their teacher.

Camp Withycombe Address: 15300 Minuteman Way, Clackamas, OR 97015


About school closures

To receive alerts about school closures, sign up for “Remind.” This service will send you a text to let you know about any school wide closure or emergency. To join, text @fa0a2 to 971.252.3285. You may opt out at anytime.

Alternately, you may monitor the local news or check the North Clackamas website and look in the Quick Links for “Are schools open?”
If North Clackamas is closed, so are we.

Cold weather recess policy

Our winter weather recess policy is posted at:

Bundle up!

Students need fresh air daily, and it helps reduce illness (being cooped up in a room with recycled air is the best way to spread germs), a bad case of the wiggles, and sleepy brains. As such, we do our best to ensure daily fresh air for students, following the policy outlined at the link above. Contact Mrs. Denman or your classroom teacher if you need help obtaining warm clothes or outerwear for your children. Mrs. Betty Munoz (grandparent of Eva in K) has kindly donated hats and gloves. Coats, boots or any other needs may also be available.

If you need an extra sweater or sweatshirt to keep warm in the classroom, visit our uniform exchange! All items are only $3 (make checks out to CHPCS-PTA). With many thanks to Mrs. Cram for keeping it so neat.


Opportunities for real world applications!

In addition to one night's worth of the "usual" evening homework, your Falcon can expect homework over the major breaks, including our upcoming winter break. This homework looks different, because its intent is for your child to practice applying some of the important work practiced at school in the real world. For example, "help bake something delicious" reinforces measurement (time, volume, etc.), reading, planning and organizing, and social skills (negotiating to lick the spoon). Similarly, "write thank-you notes" encourages students to practice their handwriting, IEW dress-ups, addressing an envelope, as well as the important social skill of expressing gratitude. 

This holiday homework is best done a little at a time, spread out over the whole break. This is preferred over cramming it all in on the Sunday before we return because it will be of a higher quality, it will be more meaningful for the student, and it helps children flex their academic skills a little each day, which is the best way to keep them strong.

We understand many families travel over long breaks, but we are confident that you will be able to complete the holiday homework with a little ingenuity.  Thank you for helping your children see that learning certainly doesn't happen only at school!



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