Cascade Heights Public Charter School

Quick Facts

Useful data and stats about CHPCS:

  • Sponsoring School District: North Clackamas School District #12 Clackamas, Oregon
  • Established: September 2006
  • Grade Levels: K-8
  • Class Size: Average 25
  • Daily Spanish and Chinese lessons for all grades
  • Daily PE for all grades
  • Art and Music Classes
  • Leveled Math Classes up to Alg II
  • Current Enrollment: 226 students- Student Profile: Open to ALL children - Families who thrive here do well with structure, self discipline and an unsatiable thirst for learning.
  • Collective 92 years of education teaching experience in our faculty
  • Recieve 80% of funding per Oregon Law 338
  • 4 day a week school
  • 7 curriculum based field trips each year

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